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High Rack

High Rack - Maximize the load efficiency

· Optimal for storing a large amount of pallet units, and is a system that maximizes the capacity by using the space up to about 14m high.

· Because it uses a special fork lift, the width of the passage is usually about 1/2 of the pallet track. The passage of the equipment includes a sensor type that installs a sensor on the Rail Guidance, the equipment or the sensor on the equipment.

· The high rack is usually a height of 8m or more, so the floor of the building must be required to be precise floor state and should be constructed in consideration of the load of the structure and load water.

· In the case of unloading in high places, the size of the pallet and the shape of the load must be constant. Since the center of the load changes depending on the size of the pallet or the height of the loading material, the allowable load of the fork lift changes according to the height of the fork lift, and is also restricted by the type of fork. Therefore, you need to check the model and specifications of the fork lift in advance.